Luke 17:11-19

This week is Thanksgiving…a holiday that has, in my opinion, gotten lost in our culture.

On his way to Jerusalem, between Samaria and Galilee, Jesus enters a village and hears the cries of 10 lepers desperate for healing…“Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” These 10 know they are supposed to keep their distance.  Only a priest could certify that a person was truly clean and able to return to the community.

As the lepers make their way toward the priests, they are miraculously cleansed.  One turns back.  He was of another race, region and religion. But of a group of 10 who were healed by Jesus, he was the only one who really knew how to live. Only one gives thanks. Only one takes the time to count his blessings. Only one bothers to come back to Jesus and say thanks.

Have a Great Day!  A common phrase in our culture. But, what if we turned that into “Have a GRATEFUL day”!  What if each day we were able to arise and see first the things in our lives to be grateful for.  Then, go one step further, and change your mantra from “have a great day” to “have a GRATEFUL day”!  What if we were able to be the start of change with a simple wish to others…Have a grateful day!  I’ll bet that an attitude of GRATTITUDE can turn a grueling day into a great day.

So…let’s not rush too fast into the season that follows…let’s challenge ourselves to count our blessings – large and small.  What if we first remember to turn to the One who is the source of every good and gracious gift.  What if each of us could look into our own mirrors and wish ourselves a grateful day.  What if we could wish others to HAVE A GRATEFUL DAY!!  What if…