There is nothing new under the sun – it is something that you hear time and time again. How did the early church dealt with turmoil, political struggle or lived under in peace and unity being true to their essence? That question has been on my mind for the past week, and it is something that became my prayer for the past week. This might be surprise to you, I love the church fathers, their spirituality and their understanding of being light and salt. And that is what I had done for the past week, turned my mind to a some of their writings. Along the way I had found that their writings had capture in many ways my own struggle.

Today I want to encourage you to find comfort in knowing that indeed there is nothing new under the sun, and your own personal witness and the ministry of the church has shined bright even in times when it seemed that everything was crumbling.

Augustine (354 – 430) prayed the following prayer that captures many of our own feelings in today’s world.

Look upon us, O Lord,
and let all the darkness of our souls
vanish before the beams of thy brightness.
Fill us with holy love,
and open to us the treasures of thy wisdom.
All our desire is known unto thee,
therefore perfect what thou hast begun,
and what thy Spirit has awakened us to ask in prayer.
We seek thy face,
turn thy face unto us and show us thy glory.
Then shall our longing be satisfied,
and our peace shall be perfect.

Let his prayer be your prayer as you navigate the day ahead and let your heart be molded by God as you try to do God’s will.

Be blessed,

Bo M.