I have heard a great deal of opinions and positions by a great many individuals in the past few days…many of them from those who call themselves Christians…including some pastors.  So many “perspectives” on the outcome of this election.  So many are praying to God for answers and help to reconcile relationships and simply to seek divine guidance as they weather this storm.

Todays passage comes to us from Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 6, verses 39-49; the conclusion of Luke’s Sermon on the Plain (similar to Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount).  “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?”  It emphasizes the need to act on Jesus’ words  and not just claim Jesus’ name.  Why?  Because throughout Scripture, Jesus has a very distinct stance on those who talk about a relationship with him and those who live out the reality of that relationship.

As human beings we have never ever really lived in harmonious, blissful peace – unaffected by petty disputes.  It is true…we elected a president, but we belong to God.  Scripture is clear on how we Christians are to act toward this individual – Donald Trump deserves and needs our prayers, support, and all the love we can muster (ref. Romans 13:1-14).  My point is simple…if we claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives, we are called to a different standard of behavior – a standard to truly live out the reality of what it means to claim Christ as Lord of our lives.  It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with what everyone says or does…it does mean that you will love with the love of Christ despite the differences.  And, quite frankly, if we want to see substantive change in this country, I would submit that the millions of Christians in this world have a far better chance of realizing a world that is better than any politician will ever be able to achieve.

So, my challenge to you is this…where is your commitment?  Are you involved in the church?  Are you involved in making the community around the church a better place to live?  Will you love those you disagree with…those that you didn’t vote for and so on.  It is easy to complain and spread venom.  But, can we would work…TOGETHER…to achieve what Jesus made clear – LOVE GOD & LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR… to do to the least of those who are members of Christ’s family (ref, Matt 25:34-40).  I think if we focused more on working toward the things God wants us to work on rather than the things we want God to give us, we might just begin to see change happen.  “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?”  If you are grieving because “your candidate” did not win, that’s ok – take the time you need.  If “your candidate” did win, it is ok to celebrate without demeaning the others in the race.  But…at some point, it is time to get on with being a Christian and living out the life Christ calls us to.  It takes commitmentare you up to the challenge?