On this day, I think it appropriate to reflect on God’s original plan regarding the leading of Israel, they had no king or queen, only God (1 Sam. 8).  Exasperated  with this situation, the peoples of Israel demand a king (v. 5, 19-20) “like all the nations.”  Samuel warns them that this ask (vv. 10-18) would have consequences.

The original governance of Israel, established at Sinai, through which God would bless all other nations (Ex. 19:5-6) was to have a divinely appointed mediator (read: like Moses & Joshua) to carry out needed governing functions.  The visible symbol of God’s endorsement of this ruler and for Israel was the Shekinah glory (Ex. 40:34-38) that filled the tabernacle , filled Solomon’s temple (2 Chr. 7:1-2) and spectacularly departed with Babylon’s capture of Israel (Cp. Ezek. 11:23 with Dan. 2:31-38).

The kingdoms of earth are but a part or phase (1 Cor. 15:24) of the universal kingdom of God which monitors and controls, as needed all objects, persons, events, and history without exception (Ps. 103:19, Dan. 4:17) including our election results.

Human history teaches that great rulers are the exception not the norm.  I believe that the Western Empire of  Rome had 5 or 6 in the space of 1500 years, the Northern Empire of Israel had none, the Southern Empire of Israel had a few, our Mount Rushmore has only four heads carved on it and I have my reservations about Teddy.  It is these realities that drove the Athenian Greeks to invent their democratic form of governance; to give the common person the opportunity to direct their leaders and country.  Sadly, they according to Thucydides, or ourselves can’t even get this right as confirmed by countless past elections and the state of our current and past affairs.

Could it be that we are largely incapable of controlling ourselves with ourselves?  Could it be that we’ve created problems that are bigger than ourselves?  Could it be that the solutions to our problems need to come from a source that is better than ourselves?  Could it be that the root cause of our leaders faults is a result of their pride and arrogance which drove their desire to become government leaders in the first place?  Could it be that God foresaw our governmental problems thousands of years ago through His omniscience?   Could this be the reason why God’s preferred method issuing needed government to the peoples of the earth was via divinely appointed mediators?  Could His original governance scheme be better than what we currently endure?