Exodus 20:1-4

Romans 12:2

I’ve received official word that the first ever snowball fight will be organized by Satan himself for later this week. Hell has officially frozen over. The Cubs are world champions of baseball. An estimated 5 million people made their way down to the Michigan Avenue/Millennium Park/Grant Park area of Chicago yesterday for the victory celebration. I’m wondering how many millions of dollars were lost by businesses whose employees called in sick with “blue fever” yesterday to be a part of the celebration. I’m also wondering how many millions of dollars ticket brokers made selling tickets for the games both in Chicago and Cleveland. Ticket prices for standing room only at Wrigley Field for game 3 were going for $2,000 each to “be a part of history.” And I wonder how many people “prayed” that they would do anything if God would “just let the Cubs win” this world series.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m excited for Cubs fans for their team winning the series. As a fan of the game of baseball in general, it was a fun playoffs season to watch. And the Cubs are going to be a force to be reckoned with for the next few years at least with the youthful talent they have locked up.

But I am always amazed at what we humans value and spend our money on, and how easily we spend money on the things that we find important, but how hard it is for us to give money to charity or to God. I’m also amazed at how easy it is to stay up until after midnight on a work/school night to watch the games, but how difficult it is to find time for regular prayer, bible study, and church attendance. How many of those same people that dropped $10,000 dollars to get seats at Progressive Field for game 7 behind the Cubs dugout would also walk into Sunday service this week and give $10,000 to the church.

We are called by God to have no other gods before Him. Those gods don’t have to be actual beings that we pray to or icons that we worship, but instead are anything that get in between us and our relationship with God. Paul says that we are not to conform to the ways of this world. It may be awesome that the Cubs have broken the curse (I ain’t afraid of no goats), just as it has been awesome to watch the Blackhawks win 3 of the last 6 Stanley Cups, the Sox to win in 2005, the Bulls in the 90s, and the Bears in ‘85. But let’s not lose focus on what is most important; which is our relationship with God.

So enjoy it while it lasts Cubs fans everywhere. Soon, it will be baseball season again, and they will begin the defense of their championship. They will most likely be favorites to win again next year, and possibly the next few years. But, just like all other things of this world, this too shall pass, and what will be left with. My hope and prayer is that we are left with our faith in the one true God and our place in eternity by His grace given to us through Jesus Christ.