Job 22 – 23

This past weekend a friend of ours in southern Illinois, Mike Quandt, suddenly past away dying of an apparent heart attack while doing yard work.  He was 57 years old.  While this is a horrible event in itself, it could be far worse.  First, I believe Mike to be a Christian, so I will be catching up with him when my time comes.  Second, both of his daughters, Sara and Whitney, are adults, married, and able to fend for themselves.  He leaves behind a wife, Tami.  Our thoughts and prayers are needed for this difficult and unexpected situation.

One of the lectionary readings for today is from the book of Job.  In our daily living we have our perspective vs. God’s perspective.  Our sense of timing, which is understood within the context of movements of everything vs. God’s timing which is beyond the movement of anything.  Our understanding vs. His understanding.  What we have amounts to wrestling with God, much like Jacob (Gen. 32:22-32), in both a figurative and literal sense.

In Job 22, we have one of Job’s friends, Eliphaz, attempting to explain to Job why he is in the situation he finds himself in.  Job’s problems stem from his inattention to those surrounding him – the hungry, thirsty, widows, and orphans (vv. 6-9).  This commentary goes right along with OT generalizations regarding the fate of the wicked and blessings for the just.

In Job 23, we have Job’s bitter complaint towards God – he cannot find Him (vv. 3, 8-9) anywhere.  Yet, Job does not lose his faith in God (v. 10).  To me, this is the high point of the book. Nevertheless, Job is mystified and terrified at God’s actions or inactions towards him at the present hour (vv. 13-17).  It seems to me, this is where many of us live from time to time.  We’re left to ponder why?