1 Peter 5:1-11

In this short passage there are several different takeaways that can be immediately applied to our daily lives. In the first paragraph, we hear that we are to be willing and eager servants, and to lead by example. In verse 6, we are told to be humble and to give all anxiety in our lives to God because he cares about us. Next, we are told to beware of the devil and to stand firm in our faith. Finally, we are reminded that God is always there for us, and even though we may go through sufferings from time to time, He will restore us and make us strong.

I think of a simple prayer that I learned a while back that goes something like this: “Father in heaven, fill me with your spirit and guide me through this day.” I would like to add to that prayer these words: “May you guide me to lead by example, so they will know I am Christian by my love. Please, Lord, keep me humble, that I may not become too boastful. Protect me from the enemy and help me to remain faithful to you. Finally, thank you, God, for always being there for me, and for bringing me out from the depths of my suffering. I trust in you always. Amen.”