The Ark Encounter is a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Today’s devotion comes from Genesis 6:9-7:11 – a lesson we can learn from a man named Noah. Most church-going people can say something about Noah…like God asking Noah to build a big boat – a boat, an ark, about 4 times the size of a luxury yacht.  A big boat that would hold birds and animals – 2 of every kind…male and female.  Along with all of these birds and animals, Noah was to ensure enough food existed for the birds and animals along with the 8 human passengers:  Noah and his wife along with Noah’s 3 sons and their wives.

Now…it is easy to get lost in questions like: What do you think it smelled like on that ark or do you think it was ever quiet?  Good questions but hardly important in this passage.  What is important is why Noah built that ark.  Noah did what God instructed him to do because Noah walked with God…Noah trusted God.  Noah trusted God to keep his promise…that God’s covenant would be with Noah and the other 7 passengers on that ark along with all those animals and birds.

This past Wednesday evening at our mid-week worship service I used an example that many of us…in fact, I would bet that each of us is very familiar with in our own lives.  Parents often ask their children to do things like make their bed or clean their rooms.  The response many times is one that is, lets say, less than obedient.  Yet the children trust the parents promise to take care of them, put food on the table, and protect them.

So, let me ask this question:  Do you trust God?  Today is a new day…a fresh start…a new creation.  We humans make promises – we make commitments…all sorts of things we promise to do.  Sometimes, we humans don’t always do what we say we are going to do.  God’s promises are different…do you trust God?  And, if you trust God, will you walk with God?  And, if you trust God and will walk with God…will you listen for the “big boat” he asks you to build?

Here’s the closing prayer we used Wednesday evening:

God promised Noah a love that would never end…and the people respond, “Yay God!”

The promise God made for Noah is also for us…and the people respond, “Yay God!”

God will never stop loving us no matter what…and the people respond, “Yay God!”

We can trust God’s promise…and the people respond, “Yay God!”