I want to complain about the weather! What is this in inbetween weather? It’s not hot, it’s not cold! It’s not raining but it could rain… And don’t get me going about what this weather is doing to me. My body is officially on Fall Strike. I wake up like I am a sloth, i go to bed like I am a bear ready for hibernation, and I ache. And on top of that it takes me a long time in the morning to decide what to wear because I really do not know how the day will be.

By now, you are thinking: Boy is he cranky or what??? He hates Fall!

Yeah, maybe I am a bit cranky but I love Fall. I love the change of color, the brisk cold mornings, the evenings when I open the window and I smell the rain. I love even the days when the rain hits the windows of my office. I love walking thought the rain under my big blue umbrella.Sometime I even turn into a little kid and kick the water in a rain puddle. I love seeing Max (the little dog that thinks he’s a lion) running in the back yard and getting muddy, but smiling like there is nothing else in the world. I love this season, because it is special, it holds so many memories and things that makes me who I am. I love this season because, no matter how much I might complain about the weather and so on, this season is like an old shoe that just fits, or a big cup of soup bringing you comfort.

But you  will never know any of those things about me, if you did not hear the second part. It is easy to talk about the things I do not like, it is very easy to complain about seasons, places and people. It is easy to let your soul surrender to those negative thoughts, it is easy,  way to easy. But the joy of life is not in surrender, the joy comes when you look for things that are going to build us up. Joy comes when we find meaning. Joy comes when we see the rainbow in the rain. Joy comes when we look for God’s fingerprint in the things that causes us discomfort.

So today I pray that each one as we go through our daily complains, we will also have the strength to find the joy that each day brings, in each person we meet, in the things and places we go.

And one more thing: Go outside yourself and enjoy what God is doing, because each day is a brand new beautiful day in its own way.


Psalm 34:8The Message (MSG)

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—
how good God is.
Blessed are you who run to him.

Be blessed,

Bo M.