Psalm 37:1-9

2 Kings 19:8-20, 35-37

Revelations 2:12-29

The lectionary readings :for today all have one thing in common: evil is taken care of by God and punished, and the faithful are rewarded and protected.  While that speaks for itself, I have just a couple thoughts to add.

Every day we are bombarded by images of evil on television, the internet, newspapers, and social media. If you, like me, have a tendency to despair and wonder just how bad it’s going to get and when it will end, remember that God is in control and evil will not prevail.

God is good–all the time.  He sees our hearts, knows our deeds and intentions, and will not leave or forsake us.

I’m encouraged by these passages and am thankful for the peace that God’s word brings to me when I begin to worry or get bogged down by negativity and bad news.  Let’s thank him for his sovereignty and goodness.  Amen.