I first need to apologize for being late getting this out today. Busy weekend and nearly forgot today was my day. But on to today’s reflection:

There are a couple of things that stand out to me from this text passage. First, we have Peter and John being seized by the guards and being jailed for preaching the Gospel. Despite being detained and an overnight in Jerusalem’s finest, the people who heard John and Peter’s message were not frightened off, but instead more people began to believe the Gospel. When I think about our current times, and probably throughout most of history, if we see someone being jailed for a certain behavior, we are not likely to perform the same behavior ourselves. But, moved by the Holy Spirit, many who heard the message believed, and the numbers of the early church grew to 5,000 men (not including women and children).

The other thing that stands out is Peter’s conviction, guided by the Holy Spirit, that what he is doing is the absolute correct thing: preaching and spreading the Good News, and proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord. Again, in our modern times, people all too often try to find maybe relief in worldly things to bring them peace and happiness, whether it be something constructive like a hobby, or destructive like alcohol, drugs, and such. The issue with any of these is that they too will eventually fade away and we will be left with our final judgement and all of eternity. But our true salvation comes only by faith through Jesus Christ.

So my prayer for you today is to remain faithful that there is a greater plan than any of us may ever even know. I pray that God leads, and that we may have an open mind and eyes to follow, and that His plan may be made known to us in time.