2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

It feels to me, that we talk a lot about growing in our churches. We talk a lot about growing matured in Christ, or growing in numbers, growing as communities of faith and so on. That is not a bad thing! I have no problem with growth, I like growth, I like to see people growing in faith and walk with God. I like to see communities grow, I love to see people getting connected in Christ and developing strong relationships that are filled with grace.

I love to see grow happen. But growth does not come by chance! It is intentional! It requires effort! It requires discipline! And time and time again growth requires sacrifice!

What are the basics of Christian growth? You might be surprised that a great sermon is not the elixir that would turn you in to spiritual giant. Or the great service project that just happened to require your special skills, might not be that thing that makes you a strong believer.

It’s the simple things, the basics that not only help us grow but also sustain us along the way. It is opening the word, meditation on it, it is praying when no-one is watching, it is helping when your name is not in the lights, it is listening to a hurting soul when there is nothing to gain from it, it is loving the unlovable. You know the basics. The simple things.

The crazy thing about the basics is that everyone, and I mean everyone can excel in the basics. There is no formula or crazy algorithm that will help you grow, but there is the understanding of being close to the Savior, of knowing more about who Jesus is and what Jesus will have you be that will help you grow.

So let’s not complicate things! Let us go back to the basics.

Today, I pray that each one of us can find the basics and find strength and comfort as they spend time with their Savior.


Be blessed,

Bo M.