No (wo)Man is in Island.

There are some great message in these readings today and many that are extremely relevant. In Psalm 73 we read of arrogance and envy. Envy of others is a tough obstacle to overcome. It’s hard today when we are faced with daily updates of everyone else’s good fortune. What are exclamations of joy and excitement off come off as braggers and arrogant. We think “why do they have that house, car, vacation, perfect family and I have nothing? Unfinished house, no cash, single parent, no help? I’m a good person, I go to church, why not me?” It is SO easy to compare and think that nobody else has struggles and that we are alone in the world. We back ourselves into a corner, painting a pretty picture of everyone else’s live that make ours look dull and gray.

The passage from Job is an excellent conversation between God and Job, and one that we at one point or another we have probably had with God. God questions Job and asks him why he thinks he’s in this alone? Does he have all the answers? What do we need God for? This sounds very similar to conversations I have had with many people in my life. Often times, because I have to do some much alone, I think that I have all the answers. And when I become full of myself God likes to knock me down and remind me that I am NOT an island. I do need his help, I need his guidance, I need his mercy and his love. Just as Job needs to recognize that he cannot do without God’s help. His response is priceless – I messed it up God, I got in over my head, I muddied the waters, You told me what to do, and I didn’t listen… next time I’ll listen.

We need to remind ourselves daily of 2 things… all the gifts we have, all the blessing we receive are all from God. What others get and have is not our concern. We have a God that loves us and wants us to love ourselves and be good and faithful. The other thing is simple as well, we aren’t in it alone. He wants to help. He can tell us what to do, guide us and direct, if we LISTEN to him and allow him to work in us.