2 Peter 2:1-10

How perfect this passage seems to fit with our current times. Just like in the ancient times of the Old Testament, and also in the times when Jesus and the apostles were doing there thing, there have always been false teachers and prophets among us.

Just like throughout all of the history of the human race, humans have been leading other humans astray from God. Here in 2016, with all of the morbid news stories we hear, and seemingly worse in Chicago with all of the gun violence, we seem to have lost all control of our “civilized” society. If we look at the “leaders” of our country, we see corruption, arrogance, and focus on self and getting re-elected. People use social media to knock each other down, rather than build each other up. The first three verses of this passage, though about 2,000 years old, are still relevant to our modern times.

In the same way, we find hope here in how God will deal with all of this sin. It is easy to get angry and frustrated with the world around us and how we see people treating other people. But God’s plan, in God’s own time, will ultimately prevail. Those of us who remain faithful and believe that He is in total control have not much to fear because He will remember us, and judge all according to the lives we live.

Here is September 2016, I find that I personally needed to read and hear this passage. I find myself getting so frustrated and stressed out by all that is going on in the world around me. And at times, I wonder why God lets things be this way. But it is reassuring for me to know that if I (and all of us) just trust in God’s plan and remain faithful, that he will remember me/us and “rescue the godly from the trials,” all the while He will “hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment.” There is no need to worry about the actions of those who have been led astray. Instead, as John Wooden said, as long as I am “true to myself” and remain faithful to God’s plan.