Sometimes my mind wonders…

I wonder about the weather

I wonder about the person I just passed in the mall, I wonder about what makes them smile or what makes them look sad

I wonder about what drives people

I wonder what makes people unique

I wonder why dogs are friendly and cats are mean

I wonder why we are fascinated by certain people and we despise others


I wonder why God made us curious

I wonder why some questions are impossible to answer or even ask

And the list could go on and on for a long time. There is something about wondering, about curiosity and God. There is something that seems to happen when people get curious about God. The shepherds found the new born King of Israel, Moses found God in a burning bush, curiosity had Phillip run along side a chariot and star a conversation with a man who was trying to understand God’s word.

Curiosity is part of that process where our soul searches for God. Curiosity opens the door for God’s spirit to work, it opens the door for creativity for new ideas.

I wonder what could happen if we would step out of the day to day and discover faith anew? I wonder what could happen if each one of us would open themselves to a new way of thinking, of seeing the world or the person next to us? What could happen?

Who knows?

I pray that today you will let your should wonder, thinking about God, the world around you, about your life, about doing things differently… I pray that you will find God somewhere in those wondering thoughts and your life will be change just like Moses’s life, or the shepherds.

Be blessed,

Bo M.