Last night I got to spend some time with some childhood friends, catching up with life, talking about history, politics and so on. Soon enough the conversation turned towards religion, church and faith. Sometimes those three words seem to be interchangeable, but if we are to take a close look, we soon discover the huge differences between the way each one affects our lives.

I found the conversation with my friends very refreshing, very sincere and very practical. In a way it was that element, of what I am going to do with all the information I have about God, that made me ask myself the following question: Do I have my eyes and ears opened to what people are really asking when they talk about religion, church or faith? Do I understand the questions they really ask or I just brush the whole conversation under the rug of good philosophical exercise?

I want to believe that when those conversations happen we all can have the spiritual insight to dig deeper and be real about out our own lives, struggles and questions that help us discover the beauty of the divinity. May our lives be filled with deep and rich conversation, where God can penetrate the superficial and where faith springs forth.

May we all be blessed to host, entertain  an engage those conversations on daily bases.


Be blessed,

Bo M.