Romans 9:30-10:4

Why do we make things so difficult and complicated?  Especially our relationship with God?

In this passage in the book of Romans, Paul expresses his wish that all the Jews be saved, but laments that they are still trying to earn favor with God by keeping the Law.

The Gentiles, on the other hand, had become right with God through faith alone.  They weren’t even trying!

What can we learn from these contrasting ways to find peace with God? God is looking at our hearts, restoring to him those that trust Him and put their faith in Him.  Following a long list of rules doesn’t change the heart towards God and others.  However, following God’s commands because of faith and seeking to know his will cause hearts and minds to be changed, and behavior–keeping God’s commands–will follow as a result.

Live in faith and let God make you right with Him, enjoying His presence and leading in your lives.