Psalm 55:16-23     Esther 5:1-14     Colossians 2:16-21

I’ve chosen to comment the whole of Psalm 55, from today’s Lectionary readings although I must admit that the “power packed” Colossians passage is tempting as each verse is deserving a whole host of commentary.  I’ll leave ’em to others.

The reason I’ve chosen the Psalm passage is that it expresses feelings I have about what is going in my life at the present hour; the apprehension I feel regarding happenings in our country and in the rest of the world generally.  Perhaps you have the same sensations.

The heading for this Psalm in my Bible reads “To the Chief Musician: With Stringed Instruments.”  A Contemplation of David.  The genius of Mozart has accomplished this.  I like reading of the exploits of David; he certainly had his share of weaknesses which I easily identify with.

To begin with the verbiage of “55” is somewhat disjointed (vv. 2-5) apparently owing to the fact that David is undergoing emotional distress (vv. 9-11) due in part to his being in Jerusalem.  It seems to me that those on the south and west sides of Chicago are able to identify with this; those in several cities in Europe as well.

As such, David decides to flee his urban problems for the country (vv. 6-8). However, David’s real problem is that a former friend has become an enemy (vv. 12-14, 20-21).  For this I am reminded of the feud that existed between former friends John Adams and Thomas Jefferson at our countries founding or what’s going on between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz today.

When it gets personal, it gets impossible – and the Psalm openly expresses this feeling (v. 15).  Notice that David does not seek revenge by himself; instead he calls on God (vv. 16-23) to relieve his anxiety.  Situations like these are  beyond are ability to solve on our own; we need to ask for help.