In light of God’s planning (Gen. 1:1) a reasonable question is whether it is a Christian act to be patriotic?   Was Jesus a patriot of His country?

To begin with, the concept of being a patriot is both Greek and Roman in it’s origin to my eye.  It is the idea that one is attached to one’s land – it’s climate, it’s geography, it’s way of living, and it’s people.  Patriotism is being loyal to and in support of all of these.

The OT certainly alludes to people that were clearly patriotic towards Israel (Deut. 9:6-29, Neh. 1:4, Dan. 9:1-19, Ezek.33).  Christ (Luke 13:34, 19:41) and Paul (Rom. 9:2-4, 10:1) feel the same way in the NT.

According to Jeremiah’s examples (Jer. 4:14, 8:21, 9:1, 20:2-9) being a true patriot for the betterment of Israel was neither easy or popular. Nevertheless, what Jeremiah said needed to be said.

Additionally, our Bible speaks of upcoming wars (Matt. 24:6, Rev. 13:4-15). At the heart of war is a confrontation of ideas – chiefly the result of politics, economic, and religious differences.  These are matters of patriotism.

But the Christian who happens to be an American has dual citizenship.  To begin with, we are His (Phil. 3:20).  We should exhibit Christlike behavior (Matt. 5:14-16) in what we do and say.  We need to pray for our family, friends, church, nation and world (Matt. 7:7-11, 1 Tim. 2:1-3, 1 Jn. 3:22, Heb. 4:16) that through them God’s will is accomplished.

So, yes a Christian can be an American patriot – both a lover of God and country.