Psalm 64     Ezekiel 32:1-10     Luke 9:37-43

This Ezekiel passage is worth a peek.  The date of it’s writing is estimated to be the 6th century BC.  Egypt, since the time of Joseph (Genesis 37:28-36), has occupied an interesting place in Israel’s, and Judah’s in particular, history.  Ironically , it was the enslavement of Israel (Exodus 1) by Egypt that gave birth to Israel.

The geographical position of Israel, between Egypt to it’s south and all of the more powerful nations to it’s north and east, has figured prominently in world history up to the present hour.  One must conclude that their crossroads placement on the world’s stage has not been accidental .

The prophet condemns the splendor, grandeur, power, and ignorance of Egypt not in themselves but for the harmful effects they might have on Judah.  It must have been obvious to Ezekiel, at the time of his writing, that Babylon was going to capture Judah, given it’s weakened condition, on their to doing battle with Egypt.  Ironically, again, it was the capture of Judah by the Babylonians that saved them from enslavement, once again, by the Egyptians leading to their eventual redemption in Babylon by the Persian King Cyrus (Ezra 1).  History is certainly filled with twists and turns, is it not?