Psalm 95:1-7

When you open your Bibles at home and begin your worship or you come into worship on Sunday morning, what is it that you expect?  This psalm celebrates and interprets the reign of God in the congregation’s worship setting…it celebrates the kingship of YHWH.  It opens with a call to praise – a call to praise “For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods.”  And then there is a second call to praise – the congregation is now called to “come and bow down, to kneel before the creator”…the congregation belongs to the Creator of the universe.  God created his people and leads them and provides for them and protects them. God is “our Maker” and “our God.”  God’s gracious acts of creation and of calling out the community lead to the challenge for a response of praise and of lived faith.  So, this morning or any day…including Sunday…”Come, let us bow down in worship…today, if only you would hear his voice”…and let us then go into the world, with an attitude of worship that guides our hearts and guides our actions.