I apologize for the lateness of this publication.  For the past three days, the three of us have been getting indoctrinated in the diverse aspects of life at Bradley University in Peoria.  I would say that 90% of myself is at ease with giving custody of my daughter to that institution; the other 10% I am holding in reserve.  In a similar vein…

Psalm 32     2 Sam. 18:28 – 19:8     Luke 5:17-26

This Psalm is about forgiveness.  It is a constant comfort that we worship a God that, through the shed blood of Jesus and our faith in His sacrifice, forgives our screw-ups and missteps –  even those we aren’t aware of.  I don’t know about anyone else, I am aware of the vast majority of mine.

The first part (vv. 1-8) of this Psalm is an acknowledgement that is God who forgives sins and protects us.  David confesses that he is not all that he is supposed to be (v. 5).  This “You are my hiding place…” (v. 7) suggests that there is something going on with himself and God that is beyond the physical realm.  How David knows all this is alluded to in verse 8; God gets through to us through our conscious, or by way of the accounts within the His Word.  Is your conciseness bothering you today?  Are you, in a general sense, aware of what the Bible is trying to say?

Finally (vv. 9-11), there is an appeal to those who have the insight that God exists to use this to their advantage (v. 10).  This goes along with what the rest of the Psalm is generally saying.  Those in communications with God are His, but the invitation is to all (Col. 1:19-23).

Craig Randolph