Psalm 1

Think about the imagery…tree roots going down deep strengthening the tree – giving it stability…a strong foundation and the presence of a life source close by.  Psalm 1 compares the vitality and stability of those who follow righteous paths to the vitality and stability of trees growing in optimal soil, beside flowing streams. Because they are “grounded” in the right place, their leaves and fruit flourish. Those without such a strong and vibrant source…well, they don’t flourish.

The Psalm offers all a choice…one of 2 paths to take.  Those who depend on God are like a tree, whose roots are sunk deep into the earth next to an irrigation stream. Because of this, the tree can flourish — even when the going gets tough. Like this tree, which drinks deeply from streams of water, the righteous drink daily from God’s Word. They are resilient, but God watches over the paths they walk.

The Psalms are filled with rich imagery and Psalm 1 makes a promise…that those who drink deeply from the psalms…from God’s Word…will find a sustainable source for life. A source that sustains one on the road of life and a source that will never run dry.  Drink deeply today…tomorrow…always.