Psalm 8     Proverbs 4:1-9     Luke 2:41-52

This Psalm is a favorite of mine.  In it, David confesses the glory of His divine name (vv. 1, 9), and creation (v. 3) as demonstrated in the night sky. To be human is to be less than God, yet still capable of greatness (v. 5). God has given the human race dominion (v. 6) over creation.  Only God’s chosen are capable of rejecting their own ego and acknowledge God as his or her maker and LORD.

It’s also worth noting that the Book of Hebrews (Heb. 2:6-11) extensively quotes from from Psalm 8; together with it and Romans 8:17-21 they tell of “many sons” whom Christ will bring together in glory to be joint heirs with Him.  It’s all part of the God’s overarching plan to “bring it all together” as laid out in Psalm 2, another favorite  of mine.