Psalm 78:1-7

As some of you might know, this year I had the pleasure to teach the confirmation class. 7 teenagers that were encouraged to explore what faith means to them. The interesting part of confirmation class was the process of of taking some of doctrines and teaching that form our Christian foundation and filter them through who I am now and where I am in my faith walk. I think we all need to pause on our faith and ask ourselves: Why do I believe what I believe?

For me that is a process I find myself engaging on regular bases. I have to do it, not just because I have to brush up all those things I learned in seminary, but because I want have a vibrant faith, something that will give me the drive to share what I know with people around me. Because down deep I believe that faith is life that flows through us and it is meant to reach others. Because I believe that faith is something that grows, something that does not stop with me, with us but something that has to be pass on to the next person and generation. Because of that I believe that I need to look at what I believe and refresh my faith again and again.

When was last time you asked yourself: What does baptism means? Why do we baptize children? Or why is it such a big deal for Christians to serve? And the list goes on and on?

So today I encourage you to pause. Think about Christ’s sacrifice. Think about the creation or maybe what the church means to you. May God have you refreshed and energized for the days to come.



Bo M.