Acts 16:35-40
This story in Acts is all to relevant in today’s world. Story upon story of wrongly accused being beat, punished and even killed. The news is just filled with stories, and the pleas of the wrongly accused to be exonerated, the police to be held accountable for actions. Isn’t that what Paul and Silas were looking for? Isn’t it human nature to hold a grudge and want some noise to be made when you have been wrongly accused.
I like to think that I am forgiving. I like to think that I can move past hurt and betrayal. But I’m only human, I want those that have hurt me to be led to the light. To be held accountable for their actions against me, but all to often the actions of others are kept in the dark and we just have to hold our heads high and suck it up. When we want to point fingers and call them out we must remain gracious.
It is not up to us to provide that judgement. Those who wrong us are held in a higher court. They have God to answer to. While we hope they receive some sort of equal justice for the actions, it isn’t our job to do this. It’s our job to remain graceful and dignified against the injustice.
God is powerful! His words and actions far outweigh any that we could. As in Psalm 29. God thunders across the waters, his thunder spits fire, sets the trees dancing, he reigns above all and rules the world with power that makes his people strong… and gives them peace.
Remember that, when someone hurts you, wrongs you, misjudges you, treats you with disgrace. That God’s words, God’s power over them is far better than holding a grudge or using your own words to discredit or dole out your own justice.