Romans 13:8-10

Recently I was watching Victor Frankenstein and at some point in the movie Igor, the hunchback now able to walk straight with no sign of hunch, speaks about his relationship with Victor his healer: “He created me, I am the man the he made me, I HAVE TO GO BACK TO HIM!”

When I heard Igor’s words I could not help myself thinking about that deep connection that exist between the creator and creation. And the more I thought about it, there was one question that kept coming to surface: What DO I OWE God? What is the debt, the connection, the price that I am responsible for in my own response to the Creator?

For so many of us the answer is simple: Faith as that perfect response to God’s grace. But as soon as I say faith I realize that faith needs to be more than belief, faith becomes love. Paul understood faith and love, and encouraged the believers in the church in Rome to think about that love as being a debt to pay in response to a loving God.

How does that love look to us today when something like #LoveWins is everywhere in the media and around us? How does the debt of love looks to you in your daily walk with God?

Be blessed,

Bo M.