Hebrews 5.12-6.1

Phil. 3. 8-14

Hebrews 9. 13-14

Paul writes in these passages about maturity and goals for the believers, the finished work of Christ in our lives, and not being satisfied with pablum, but desiring meat.  He writes of  wanting answers to hard questions, of wanting the Holy Spirit to lead into true spiritual warfare, and being counted amongst the righteous. “Having laid hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus,” being counted as worthy, and of wanting spiritual victory in his life.

Hebrews 9.13-14  All the pageantry, traditions, incense, symbolism, of the temple era of Judaism, which was merely a shadow of the reality in heaven, could not compare to the fulfillment accomplished by Jesus the Messiah. The source so far outshines the reflection, it is amazing by contrast, for we truly serve a living God, it is spiritual reality.

Last week I blogged about my experience scaffolding, and Craig Randolph commented about that experience, about how I was probably “shaking in my boots” in my first experience with great height. Yes, I was. Having never been more than about 30 feet in the air, my first scaffolding job, in 1977 was quite the eye opener. Eventually finding yourself more than 200 feet above ground, where the slightest breeze seems like a gail force wind, and the work of yourself and others causes the scaffold to shake. It is constantly moving, swaying, wiggling, shaking, and it takes some getting used to. After time in the air you develop your sea legs and become used to that unrelenting movement.  Rookies are not too welcome up there, in essence you have to be invited by the “flyers” to join them on top, as they have observed you on lower structures. The rookies are too unpredictable, nervous, in the way, and often get the “shakes,” and have to be coaxed down, a huge waste of time. Honestly, only tried and tested veterans are welcome on the really high work.  We want only seasoned men whom we can trust, who have proven themselves worthy to be with us.

I really don’t know how many of you readers can relate to my stories and experiences, but I see a relativity between spiritual maturity, and these experiences on the job, and I write this not as new truth but as a way of reminder to all of us.

Are you training yourself for spiritual warfare through study of the scripture, prayer, and communion with God, and are you pressing on to maturity?  Do you pray for the Holy Spirit to bring people into your life daily that need spiritual help and truth?  Do you desire daily to walk with God and be led by the Holy Spirit, to hear His voice, and be able to respond spiritually to those He has brought into your path? Are you prepared in your spiritual life to be invited to join the “flyers”?  It’s time to be on top where the air is clear and you can see forever, where life really means something, and eternity is at stake.

Bill Gaither wrote these words in a song that I find myself contemplating often.                   “I want to spend my life wearing myself out for Jesus,                                                                         with the news that there’s a cure to heal our land,                                                                          instead of making lists and writing creeds that don’t address the peoples needs,                    I’ll show them how to touch the nail scarred hands.”

Let us press on to maturity.