Isaiah 40:30-31(MSG)

Isaiah 40:30-31 (NIV)

We all grow weary at times. Although we would like to think that we will always be at the peaks of life, there are also always going to be valleys. If we think that our own doing will get us back to those peaks, we only fool ourselves. I like this passage from Isaiah, which reminds us that our strength comes from God, not from our own will-power. Even the young, who are so strong and full of energy. Even the most physically fit people. All of us grow weary. But if we put our faith in God above, he will lift us up with wings like eagles! One of the likely eagle species from the middle eastern region of the world is the golden eagle, seen in the image above. No different than the bald eagles we so love here in the U.S., the golden eagle is a powerful bird of prey. It is majestic in flight, and with its great wingspan, seems to so easily ride the air currents above. Large birds of prey, with their great wingspan, can glide for hours without hardly having to flap their wings as they ride on the thermal currents of the air, which helps them conserve energy while they hunt for their prey, so they won’t grow weary.

In the same way, God will easily lift us up so we can soar above and not grow weary. We can ride the currents of life if we only rely on our strength from God, who will give us rest and we won’t grow weary. My prayer this morning is that we all seek God to find rest and strength, not only for today, but every day.