Luke 6:46-49 (NIV)

That first Easter Season Jesus appears to the disciples to reassure them he is alive and active in their lives and in the world.  He urges and nudges them to trust in him, live out his teachings, and go into the world for he lives in them.  Throughout his ministry, as here in Chapter 6 of Luke, Jesus taught his disciples to put his teachings into practice.

Jesus wants us to turn his intentions into a wonderful living reality in our world.  He want us to put his words, teachings, and way of life into practice.  A mentor and teacher, Norm Shawchuck writes, “If we are to learn what God promises, and what God fulfills, we must persevere in quiet meditation of the life, teaching, deeds, suffering, and death of Jesus.  It is certain that if we live close to Jesus and follow his way, nothing will be impossible for us because all things are possible for God.”

May you live close to Jesus this day and always that you may let him live through you wherever you go and in whatever you do.  May his intentions come to life through you.