Now that we have passed the Easter Season, a time of sadness and then joy, we need to look at the continuing Christian Year. There is much to learn for each of us to deal with our own circumstances in all of Scripture.

In Revelation 12 we read “a loud voice shouting across the heavens. It has come at last, salvation and power and the Kingdom and the authority of Christ. The accuser has been defeated by the blood of the Lamb. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.”

In Psalm 118 it states “God’s love endures forever. He is my strength and my defense, he has become my salvation. I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. Let us rejoice today and be glad.”

Let us just not celebrate Easter but use all the words of scripture to help us to live a life where “His love endures forever”.     Todd Garrison