Luke 24:13-35

Recently I got asked: What do you think about Easter Egg-hunts? Why do people and kids seem to love this type of events?

The more I thought about that questions, the more I realizes that there has to be something more than the candy or the pencil eraser found in the colorful plastic eggs! There has to be more! The more i thought about I found myself smiling and at peace about the questions. Maybe the secret of the Easter Egg-hunt that attracts kids and adults time and time again is found on the empty tomb, or maybe on the faces of the two disciples on their way to Emmaus, or maybe on the face of Thomas as he sees his teacher alive before him. Maybe the answer has to do with us knowing and believing the story of God, but also finding it new every year. Maybe our own search for the hope, new life and for faith, maybe that search still has us amazed at what God is doing and why not at who God is.

The whole Easter story is full of amazement, of an element of surprise, of faith and hope, but we tend to forget that. So today I would encourage you to meditate on that Easter morning, when the woman rushed to the tomb, when the disciples forgot about the promise made to them, a day when faith met people’s disbelief, a day that changed the game for generations to come.

Be amazed at who God is, and what God is doing! Be amazed!


Bo M.