Have you ever thought about the people we interact with?  Are they all like me?  Like you?  Do they have the same likes or dislikes?  Are they all engineers?  Maybe they are all carpenters?  The point of this is that people come in all shapes and sizes…they come from different backgrounds…different educational arenas…different ideologies…different socioeconomic perspectives.

On Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, have you ever thought about the people that walk into First Presbyterian Church?  Some have been long time church goers…some are there for the very first time.  Some are spiritually mature and others have doubts.  Truth is that those that come through our doors come in all different sizes and shapes and different perspectives about church. Some come in who have absolutely no idea who Jesus Christ is or know anything about church. Some come through the doors who know the word Christian but struggle with living it. Some come through the doors who know who know who Jesus is but have difficulty sharing Jesus with others.  Some enter knowing who Jesus is and can share Jesus with others.  Lastly, some come in who are simply hurting and looking for someone to care.

When Jesus was selecting those he wanted to follow him, he did not give them an aptitude test or ask them how much money they had or what job they had…Jesus simply said, “Come and see…” (John 1:35-42)  The point is that all who come to him must first…come to him…and they do this in different ways. This coming Sunday…maybe “Come and see” is a perfectly good welcome for anyone who enters our doors.