Matthew 17:1-8

So picture this: One day your buddy says to you: Let’s go for a walk. And as you go along the trails you get to a spot where something really crazy happens. Your friend transforms before your own very eyes, his faces shines, his clothing is whiter than snow and you can almost hear the angel sing.On top of it, there is a voice that comes through and says: This is my Son!

The more and more I think about this story, I feel like Peter. I want to be there in God’s presence and just delight myself in the presence of Jesus, seeing him as God and just bask in that glorious heavenly moment. You see in a way I know who Jesus is, but at the same time when I open my eyes all I see is my day to day reality. And that is where I wish I could see Jesus for what he really is in the day to day.

It seems that our lives are lived in a way at that intersection of faith and reality, where we want to be brave and step out without fear and proclaim who Jesus is but we soon find ourselves hiding behind the lack of faith that seems to rule our lives.

And when that happens I pray just as the sick boy’s father prayed to Jesus:  “Then I believe. Help me with my doubts!”

Be blessed,

Bo M.