Mark 1:16-20 (NIV) 

Everything belongs to God.  His Kingdom is vast and expanding.  God is actively involved in his creation and in the lives of his people.  Here, as we read of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry we are reminded that God comes near to us in Jesus, “The Kingdom of God has come near.”  And when Jesus comes near he calls us to “repent,” that is have a change of mind about some things in life that we might draw close to him and desire what he desires, his Kingdom of life and light and love.

Jesus not only comes near but he calls us to follow him just as he called the first Disciples, Peter and Andrew, James and John.  Rueben Job, in a Guide to Prayer For All Who Walk with God writes, “No one is left out, exempted or overlooked.  All are of equal worth and all are called…God appears to consider all of life as our calling, and that includes every honorable vocation.”

It’s so good to know that God comes near to us, loves in Jesus Christ, and calls us to work for him and his kingdom in our world.  When we practice the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life, prayer, scripture reading, meditation, worship, etc. we put ourselves in the place to hear God’s call in our lives.  What is God calling you to do and be today as you go through the day and journey further into this unfolding week?