Galatians 5:16-18

2015 has been pretty good.  I grew spiritually (was in kind of a rut in 2014), started eating better, worked on some personal discipline areas, read more and saw God work in some areas I didn’t expect.  If I string together a few more years like this I could write a book.  There’s really only one difference from the year before; I’m just trying to walk by the Spirit.  Meaning, live every moment of every day prayerfully trying to follow Christ (Jim Mullins calls this mindfullness) in everything I do; work, home, eating, television, weekends… everything.  Its super difficult, which is probably why I didn’t, read more books, get more work done on the house etc.  So my one New Years resolution?  I really don’t care how many books I read.. or how many steps I walk a day.. or how many days a week I read my Bible… I just want to walk by the Spirit and let Him work all that out.  If I’m really walking by the Spirit then I think I’ll feel pretty good about wherever the chips fall.