Yesterday, Dale wrote on the 12 days of Christmas song and how much meaning this song carries. It is beautiful to find meaning in traditions, especially today when we live in a very fluid culture where meaning in tradition dissipates in the light of an over consumeristic season.

Maybe the response to all this comes from one of the main characters in the Christmas story – Mary. In Luke2:16-19 and even later in the gospels we see Mary ” treasuring up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Maybe part of our meaning crises comes from our rushed response to traditions and faith, maybe we too become too caught up in the moment that we forget to capture the meaning of those moments when we are surrounded by family, when we rush through the season and fail to capture and cherish the moment.

I would like to encourage you to be Mary today for your devotional time. Think about your holidays, select a few of those cherished memories, find meaning in them, rejoice and see that bigger picture that we call God’s plan. And let those moments speak faith to you in the days to come.

Be blessed,

Bo M.