Today’s passage:  “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Eph 1:2)

Devotional Thought:  Greeters and greetings…sometimes I think we take them for granted. We talk about greeting people in Christian love. “Grace and peace to you…”  We talk about greeting someone we don’t know. When was the last time you talked with someone you did not know.  Have you ever thought that your next greeting might just save a life?

The pastor at a particular church encourages those in attendance to find someone they have never met and introduce themselves. This pastor sees greeting as an important part of ministry. One Sunday, one individual made an effort to meet a man who was sitting near him in the service.  The man was clearly upset…distraught. The church member did not turn away. Instead of going for coffee perhaps, the man stopped and prayed with him. Then he introduced the man to one of the pastors who talked with him for a lengthy period of time.

This simple act of taking time to meet someone new literally saved the man’s life. The day started with the intent to drive his car off a cliff. He was only in church to give God one more chance. God had other ideas. Because of one simple greeting the man was changed.

Don’t look past the opportunity to shake someone’s hand, give them a hug, say hello with a warm and genuine smile. The church has to be about relationships…deep and long-lasting relationships. “For some, this is super scary, for others it is not. No matter the nervousness, it is a powerful part of the local church becoming a close family and is proof to a distraught world that there is a place for them in God’s healing home.”  

“Grace and peace to you…” It can be a life-changer for anyone……..