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II Timothy 2:8-13 (NIV)

II Timothy 2:8-13 (The Message)

How good it is to know that Jesus Christ “remains faithful” and “does not give up” (II Timothy 2:13).  It is worth it to endure in our walk of faith and trust in Jesus. Paul endured suffering, jail, and eventually death for the sake of sharing “the salvation that is in Christ Jesus” (II Timothy 2:10). “Remember Jesus raised from the dead”(I Timothy 2:8) who endured and gave up everything for us.

We might reflect upon, that is, ask our selves, what we are willing to endure, even suffer, to be followers of Jesus and to build Christ’s Church.  Are there some things we need to die to in order to live more fully for the Gospel?

Like Paul, like countless others who have called Jesus Lord, let’s not give up on being Christ-Followers.  There’s much we can do to remain faithful.  We too can endure.