Just a note before our devotional today.  For the summer we’ll be continuing the blog but we’re going to give those who share a little more freedom so it might look a little different day to day. The format will be similar but will focus on a few verses of the authors choice depending on what God’s using in everyones life.  As always, if you’d like to write and never been asked; just shoot me an email!

2 Samuel 24:18-25

In the first half of the chapter we read about David’s sin.  Taking a census today helps us to figure out changing demographics and better address social problems.  In David’s time King’s usually only took a census for one reason: to figure out how strong their army was.  David obviously wouldn’t need a census because he understood that first and foremost God was his army.  Taking a census was nothing less than turning his back on God.

In our passage this morning we see the aftermath of David’s sin.  After 70,000 have died, God makes peace with David.  If we’ve ever been tempted to say that sin isn’t a big deal to God, we would do well to remember this passage.  Sin is very serious.  As if the death of all those people wasn’t enough, the sacrifice David makes is pretty expensive too.  He ends up spending quite a sum of money to atone for his sin.  I think sometimes we forget just how damaging sin is because our price has already been paid.  Our sin has already been atoned for.  We don’t fear that our sin will result in a plague or that we’ll have to pay a year or two worth of wages to make sacrifices to God.  Let’s not let the fact that our sin has been paid for allow us to forget just how high the cost really was.