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2 Samuel 15:1-12

Absalom was a very mischievous man. And as you read the things he is doing continuously for 4 years every single day, you need to stop and ask the question: Why did the king never seen this coming?

A lesson like today is a reminder once again that the Bible is a great reflection of what real life is. A great way to capture day-to-day events, normal life, normal people doing life. You might even say: there is nothing new under the sun.

But here we are: Absalom planning and plotting against the king, and nobody seems to care. To my regret I had seen this in churches I served far too many times. People might give it different names to justify their actions, but in the end their actions end up causing hurt and division in the church. I have seen pastors falling under attack, good people leaving the church or gently being pushed to the outskirts because of some Absalom type of person that for too long had been left to do their own thing without anyone saying anything to them.

My prayer for us today is that none of us would be Absalom, or if you are caught in that type of game that God would give us the grace to change. I am also praying that we can look out for each other, encourage those that need encouragement to continue. But I also pray that we can have honest conversations with each other that would build the community around us and as a result God would be glorified.

Be Blessed,

Bo M.