2 Samuel 7:1-17

Can you imagine hearing those words? Your life, your passion all the things that are firing you to live another day are gone come to fruition in the next generation, and you yourself will not see the fruits of your labor!

For most people those words would be desolating, depressing but for David that promise had made him look in to the future with hope and joy. As we know he did not stay passive in his quest to build a house for the Lord, he gathered and helped develop all the plans that  later Solomon will use to complete the temple.

In a way this story should illustrate our lives. We are to build legacies that would live on long after we are gone, in the people we invest in and poor our lives. After all our lives are indeed tools in the hands of a skillful master, that plants a garden that will come in bloom at the right time.

I pray that we all can look at our lives and ministries with the same joy and expectation that David had.

Be blessed,

Bo M.

ps. sorry for the late posting today.