2 Samuel 5:17-25

I think we all wish life was this easy:
David: “God… will you give me the victory?”
God: “Yup.”
David: “That was awesome… will you give me the victory this time too???”
God: “Absolutely.”
David: “This is fantastic!!”

These kinds of stories always make me think, “God, when are you going to vanquish all my problems?”  When I ask that question I’m forgetting two truths.

1. That God actually has worked that miraculously in my life.
A few days ago Shelby and I had disagreement about switching gyms (silly.. I know).  It was an honest discussion and we had completely opposite opinions. It took us a while to see each other’s perspective.  When we first were married, that same discussion probably would have involved harsh words, a three hour argument and ended in several days of ignoring each other. Instead we worked it out calmly on the way to Costco.. with not a single personal slight or raised tone!  It was an unbelievably good disagreement!  God has worked in amazing ways in my life.. and yours too.   Don’t forget it.

2. That things weren’t always that easy for David.
David grew up a shepherd (a nasty job), was despised by his family and was under constant threat from Saul.  Later in his life he would have an affair, commit murder and his children would revolt against him.  Its easy to look at anecdotal evidence and think of how easy it was for him but it wasn’t.  He struggled just like me and you.

God has worked and is still working.  Lets pick up our heads and thank him for it.