1 Samuel 14:1-14

In today’s passage, we see Saul’s son, Jonathan, take charge and put his trust in God, and not the weapons or the people of Israel. He and just one accomplice head over to face off with the Philistines alone.

However, they are not alone. Jonathan knows that he is part of God’s chosen people, and he has favor through his faith in God. Because of his faith, and also the faith of his armorbearer, they are able to defeat the 20 oncoming Philistines.

With few resources, but strong faith, two men were able to accomplish great things. We too, if we remain faithful that God will provide can accomplish great things, even in times when it seems the odds are against us.

I pray that we hold true to our faith in times when all hope seems lost. Know that God will guide us and see us through the darkness and back into the light.