Samuel 13:1-15

When to act and when to wait on the Lord are good questions to consider.  God’s timing is not always our timing.  I think that God is usually more patient than we are and that it’s hard for us, sometimes, to wait to understand what it is that God desires.  It is also difficult at times to wait for others whom God has empowered to do their part before we do what we are called to do.

We find Saul eager to go into battle against the Philistines. As King he was only to go to battle or war when God desired.  The big idea of faith was that you won battles not by your own might, strength, or ingenuity.  Instead you went to battle in faith and it was God who gave the victory.

Saul does not wait for Samuel the Priest to arrive and offer the burnt offerings, an act of worship.  It was Samuel’s calling to lead the people in worship.  It was the King’s calling to lead the army into battle.  Saul doesn’t wait for God’s timing, for Samuel to arrive.

Today, and any time, may we wait upon the Lord and follow God’s will, way, and timing as we seek to serve and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.