1 Samuel 11:12-15

Passing the baton is crucial in a track meet – how well it is done most certainly determines the outcome of the race.  Samuel is preparing to pass the baton to Saul.  Saul is moving to center stage.  Saul has just taken care of the nasty Nahash but the people of Israel still come to Samuel – they see him as the one with authority.  Saul, though makes it clear that there will be no more killing – he wants this to be a day remembered as one where God delivered his people.  Interesting…Saul – in the presence of Samuel and under the authority of Samuel, acts in the spirit of Samuel.  Saul, sees his kingly work as God’s work of salvation.  Saul sees his actions and his leadership as part of God’s deliverance of the people.  But…there is one more act…by Samuel…the people come to him but he calls the people to Gilgal to renew the kingship.  Samuel is passing the baton.