Sorry for the late post today.

1 Samuel 9 sounds a lot like being “at the right place, at the right kind off time” feel to it. Of course we can always say that God was in control the whole time, and that God orchestrated the whole story, and that might be that case, but what I what to encourage you to see in this story is Samuel, and his way of interacting both with God and also with Saul.

Samuel knows God’s voice, he seeks for God’s guidance, and still he looks to probe what was given to him. It is that back and forth between Samuel and God that makes Samuel the prophet among prophets.

How about you? Your prayer life? Are your senses tingling when you see God at work? Can you recognize God moving in your life and follow knowing that indeed God is leading?

I pray that we can be like Samuel on this day.

Be Blessed,

Bo M.