Ephesians 6:1-4

As i read the words from Ephesians today, I am reminded of something I see around me way too often: the need of direction for our lives and the challenge to set a good example for the generation that looks at us for direction. How many times did we say: if I would only knew? or I wish someone would off told that before I did that.

Paul’s encouragement to us is that wherever we are in life we should what is right before the Lord. To some that might come easy, to others doing that could be a challenge. Not only that but when it comes to setting that good example we can find ourselves fighting our own demons, weaknesses and insecurities.  It is in those moments that I wish and pray that someone would come along side and helps do what is right. Encourages us, speak the truth in love or help us pick up our broken lives and rebuild to the point where once again we can make a difference.

Today I pray that each one of us can experience that grace of having someone in their life to mentor or to be mentored. Someone to come along and help us see the things that God is trying to do with each one of us. I pray that spiritual mothers and fathers will rise and stand in prayer for those in need, and I pray that those that need some help will be open and willing to listen and receive the help that is offered.

Be blessed,

Bo M.