Ephesians 5:3-20

Good Morning Church,
Doesn’t the snow look beautiful?  I am instantly reminded that Jesus made me “white as snow”!  Today’s passage in Ephesians has the potential to expose something very beautiful inside us…  LIGHT!  However, Paul’s words start off with some convicting behaviors that get in the way of the LIGHT of Christ in us.  How many of us read this loving and wise counsel from Paul and reduce his counsel to a “character list” of what NOT to do?  We may even think to ourselves, “I don’t do THIS… I am NOT like THAT.. etc “.  But the truth is we so are!  Let us begin this day with confession and a clean slate to be who we are in Christ.  And ask Him to give us the strength and honesty to walk in way that honors the Lord so His light will shine through us. Remember YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE! YOU ARE NOT YOUR SIN! YOU ARE REDEEMED and LOVED!
Peace be with you