Ephesians 4:22-32

Christianity is full of “already.. but not yet.”  This is one of those passages.  In it Paul describes the characteristics of the new you.  Makeover shows abound, but this is the real deal.  We go from being enemies of God to living full lives of obedience.  The already-not-yet here is that we’ve been made perfect through the death of Christ; the Christian life is us by grace becoming what we already are in the eyes of Christ.

Funny side-note before we talk application.  Have you ever noticed that Paul lists the most random sins together sometimes?   In this passage he lists bitterness, anger, lying, slander, theft and gossip all in the same passage.  I’ve often wondered why he lists what he does (most likely certain individuals in the churches he was writing needed the reminder) but I think its more important that he doesn’t seem to discern between “types” of sin.  We’d all agree that theft is a big deal, but Paul lists it right next to gossip (ie. corrupting talk).  Lying is really bad.. a little slander though?  We all do that.  God’s not interested in our self-justifying sin rankings.  He’s not impressed with me because I gossip but I won’t steal.  Let’s stop treating our personal sin as though it somehow falls in the “acceptable” category.

All that said, what do you need to put off?  What sort of stuff have you been walking in thats just not good enough for the new you?  What’s the next step in becoming what you already are in the eyes of Christ?